A remarkable theorem involving decompositions is that if one has two plane simple polygons of the same area, it is possible to decompose either of the polygons into polygonal pieces that can be reassembled to form the other polygon… Geometric Decompositions Joe Malkevitch York College (CUNY) Introduction When looking atRead More →

Decomposition Mathematics too has profited from the idea that sometimes things of interest might have a structure which allowed them to be decomposed into simpler parts... Joe Malkevitch York College (CUNY) Introduction One way to get insights into something one is trying to understand better is to break the thingRead More →

In Praise of Collaboration Take a look at an extraordinary collaboration in discrete geometry and related geometrical mathematics, the collaboration of Branko Grünbaum and Geoffrey Colin Shephard. Joe Malkevitch York College (CUNY) Introduction Point and line do many activities together—their collaborations create a rich texture for many mathematicians and geometers,Read More →

Pseudonyms in Mathematics Why would there be pseudonyms for the publication of research papers in mathematics? One possible motive might be… that a group of people collaborated on a piece of work and wanted to simplify the multiple authorship to a single name. Another reason appears to be playfulness orRead More →

Points, Lines, and Incidences To honor Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month, I will treat some remarkable developments concerning a basic intuitive idea in geometry concerning points and lines. … Joseph Malkevitch York College (CUNY Introduction When people think about mathematics they think of numbers and shapes. Numbers covers the interestRead More →

Joe Malkevitch’s Column Archive Here are Joe Malkevitch’s older Feature Columns. Joe’s newest columns may be found here. December 2020 – Pseudonyms in Mathematics (History of Mathematics) August 2020 – Remembering Richard Kenneth Guy: Games and Taking on Mountains (Game Theory and Social Choice, Discrete Math and Combinatorics) April 2020Read More →